Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why did I start?

...because i have a lot of time now :).

...because daddy says i should write ..."if you have to sit in front of that computer all something constructive".

...because i wanted to be able to leave comments on others blogs.

...because I wanted a "Red" space for myself. [I am obsessed about the color red to such an extent that I wish to be found dead wearing red :D].

...because not having a blog id seemed like an identity crisis.

...because i spend so much time on the interenet .....listening to all the stories that it has to tell me....i thought of making it a dialogue instead of a one-sided affair.

...because i have been told that i will need a lot of "pre-occupations" in the near future.

...and lastly because apart from the reason above... all others are nothing more than crap !!

ps:-whenever i feel the need to add to this list..will modify.