Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sister's stress-filled sojourns

My sister visited me for the whole of last week. We were discussing her travel exploits one evening.Trust me, they are amusing. Very. For one, she has never packed her stuff by herself. Ever. She would always find someone who helps her to pack. Mom, I, roommate and now her husband.And she always leaves back something or the other. A toothbrush, a pair of trousers, a lipstick, earrings... or even a packed suitcase.Yes ...a suitcase.In one of her travels she realized a little short of reaching the airport that she forgot to put the suitcase in the trunk.

And of course she loves the last minute action that happens when one is late for a train or flight.To jot down a few,

- missed flights
- reached just on time for a train but had no clue whether her reservation was confirmed from the waiting list or not
-paid 500 rupees extra so as to reach on time for a flight [the flight was delayed by an hour which she found out later].

This time I decided to make it a no-mistake travel. I booked the cab on time. Cross-checked with her everything that came to my mind -- tickets, boarding pass, cellphone charger, toothpaste, luggage ... everything. I dropped her to the airport.

I returned to my empty house and crashed on my sofa, a little saddened by her departure. Just then I spotted her Joseph Heller novel staring at me and I laughed.



स्वानंद said...

Nice article.
your writing style reminds me Sudha Murty.

Mona said...

HaHa ...She left Ahana's sippy cup at my place too.

Col Gurusaday Batabyal said...

We will never forget her suitcase episode which she left at home while going to Hyderabad from Kolkata:honestly that was height of height! But then ....for all these forgetfullness, she adopts aggressive posture and with great authority questions mom ,sis and now husband etc as to why they did not bother to pack her stuff properly.That is typical of Nayan!! She strictly believes in "Tension lene ka nahi dene ka hai"