Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunshine on a cloudy day

I remember a similar scene in some movie, but cant remember which one.

Today was a very cloudy and grey day.And it very much reflected my mood. Was walking through a lane, when a man got out of his car. As is the custom here, I smiled at him when our eyes met. He said 'Cheer up lady !'. I gave a wide smile and walked away. Suddenly, I realized I was really smiling, I walked back to him and said .. "You know that really helped.Thanks.". He replied.."Really? I am glad it did."

I guess, despite what mom says, sometimes talking to strangers is not that bad :)

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Col Gurusaday Batabyal said...

Yes,you are absolutely right.Some time one does get relief by talking to a stranger or an unknown passers by.
By the by,why are you not writing regularly these days?