Monday, September 21, 2009

Deafening silence...

A very long time back I had an argument with two close buddies on which of the following is a correct idiom "Deafening silence.." or "Deafening noise..". [I said both are correct with different meanings. They were against the first one arguing how can silence be deafening, asking me to explain what I meant].

The other day I was in a place which actually described what I meant to say and reminded me of that day in the hostel.These days my workplace is on the 13th floor of a building bang in the center of the IT hub in Kolkata.A very crowded place down below. But there is a corner on the 13th floor, on the way to the vending machine, away from the hustle bustle of the cubicles. Here you can only hear the mild hum of the AC vent. At night the view stretches far far away into the dazzling lights of this city.This place is my favourite when the head starts to pound from the everyday happenings around.

Deafening silence:-
A silence or lack of response that reveals something significant, such as disapproval or a lack of enthusiasm.